Our Favourite Outfits

One of our favourite outfits we have in store is the Eirene Sequin Bomber & Shorts Outfit, available in blue and pink. We discovered the brand Eirene at our first international trade fair, in Florence, Italy, in summer 2018.

We were drawn to the stand by the stunning clothes embellished with Swarovski crystals, which were glistening in the sunlight. We took a closer look at each of the pieces and fell in love. This is a luxury brand which uses beautiful materials, such as crystals and feathers, to complete the magical look. We selected 6 outfits for Cloud 9 Childrenswear, the most popular being the Sequin Bomber & Shorts Outfit.

This consists of a full sequin jacket, lined in satin, matching sequin shorts and a T-shirt, embellished with Swarovski crystals and has delicate, tulle, puff sleeves. This is the perfect outfit if you want to glisten beautifully and stand out, as this outfit did to us in the Florentine sunshine.